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Tonsler Park Improvements Charlottesville, VA

10/25/2016  FCC is awarded the contract for the improvements to Tonsler Park. The scope of work will be consistent with the attached plans and include the proper staking of the proposed stairs; clearing and site work within the construction location; forming and pouring of a full set of concrete stairs with handrails and a short…

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10295 Hunters Chase Roofing/Siding Project, Chesterfield VA

5/28/2017 FCC is awarded the Exterior Building Envelope Improvements for 5 buildings at Hunter’s Chase Apartments. Scope of work is inclusive of replacement of siding and roofing. This is the second phase of a project awarded to FCC. 6/18/2017 Project Completed.

Richmond Coliseum Fall Protection Project, Richmond VA

10/26/2016 – FCC is awarded the contract for Coliseum Fall Protection. The Scope of work  will consist of the installation of structural steel supports for fall protection lifelines, the installation of an inclined lifeline fall protection system, furnishing personal fall protection equipment required for use of the installed lifeline, testing and certification of the installed lifeline,…

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Suffolk Fire Station 1 Suffolk, VA

9/1/2016  FCC is awarded the Contract for Renovations of the existing Fire Station #1 located at 400 Market Street. Work includes a new parking area adjacent to the building and site work associated with the renovation. Interior renovation includes interior layout changes and removal and replacement of all interior finishes along with upgrades to the…

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