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10460 ORF Departures Building Norfolk, VA

Categories : Air Port / Transportation, Municipal

June 2018 – FCC is awarded the Construction Contract for renovations/additions of Departures Building at Norfolk International Airport. Scope of work consists of Demolition of two precast vestibules and portions of the existing building envelope. Remove two hydraulic elevators, modernization and renovation of two existing elevators. One passenger and one freight.
Construction of 2 new two-story vestibule expansions, each with new hydraulic passenger elevators. The expansions will be precast panel on structural steel framing and glazed curtain walls. Project Value $2.7M

12/10/2018  Demolition is complete!

3/1/2019 – Construction is under way. the North Wing Superstructure is almost completed.

2/10/2020  Project Complete