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10656 New Point Comfort Lighthouse Rehab. Mathews, VA

Categories : Convention & Conference Centers, Historical Preservations, Special Construction

FCC is awarded the contract for Historical Preservations to the New Point Comfort Lighthouse. The Scope of work provides for the complete restoration of the existing Lighthouse including the installation of scaffolding, sandstone repairs, masonry repairs, replacements of windows and doors, repairs to gallery catwalk, repairs to lantern room, foundation repairs, waterproofing, installation of solar panels and other electrical work, remediation of asbestos and lead, installation of site signage. New Point Comfort Light is a lighthouse in the Virginia portion of the Chesapeake Bay, United States, off the tip of the Middle Peninsula. Finished in 1804, it is the third-oldest surviving light in the bay, and the tenth-oldest in the United States. President Thomas Jefferson appointed Elzy Burroughs as the first Keeper and New Point Comfort Lighthouse was first lit on January 17, 1805. Since then its history has reflected that of the United States. The British Navy occupied it for several weeks during the War of 1812 before leaving it in shambles and burning the keeper’s house.

Existing Conditions as of February 2020


Mobilization Begins

July 2 2020

Community is excited about the Project