Richmond Coliseum Fall Protection Project, Richmond VA

10/26/2016 – FCC is awarded the contract for Coliseum Fall Protection. The Scope of work  will consist of the installation of structural steel supports for fall protection lifelines, the installation of an inclined lifeline fall protection system, furnishing personal fall protection equipment required for use of the installed lifeline, testing and certification of the installed lifeline, and training on the new system. Project value is $500K

6/10/2017 Project Completed.

Suffolk Fire Station 1 Suffolk, VA

9/1/2016  FCC is awarded the Contract for Renovations of the existing Fire Station #1 located at 400 Market Street. Work includes a new parking area adjacent to the building and site work associated with the renovation. Interior renovation includes interior layout changes and removal and replacement of all interior finishes along with upgrades to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Work on the building exterior includes new windows and doors. Project value $ 2 M.

6/1/2017  Project Completed

IGT Va Lottery Data Center Expansion Richmond, VA

FCC is awarded the add/alterations Contract for the IGT/Va Lottery Data Center Project in Richmond. The Projct consists of Renovations to 18K Sq. Ft. of Office Space, Warehouse renovations and expansion of the current data center facility. Project is scheduled for completion on or about January 2017. Project value is north of $.5M

3/1/2017 – Final Completion to include additional warehouse items requested by the Owner.

WHSE 15, Defense General Supply Center Richmond, VA

FCC is awarded the contract for construction of Docks and Slabs at DSCR Whse 15. The Army Corps of Engineers Code W91236 is part of the American Infrastructure Program. The project consists of Site and Structural Concrete Construction. Scope of work is estimated to be north of $1.5M. Project is intended to start on February 2016 and expected completion is scheduled for 14 months.

7/14/2016 – After a late start on Construction due to tenant relocations, the project started late June 2016. Phase I is underway and progress is substantial.


2/25/2017 – Progress is ahead of schedule by 4 months. An additional Warehouse Bay was added to the contract. YTD, we have removed 4K Tons of concrete and replaced with new.


4/25/2017 – Project Completed. 94 Days ahead of schedule


Contractor Evaluation : WH 15 Evaluation

Jamestown Visitor Center, Williamsburg, VA

Jamestown ProgressFCC is awarded the contract for Lobby Repairs at Jamestown Settlement, VA. The project is  generally described as replace existing wood beams with glue laminated beams. Project Value $100K.

2/15/2017 – Construction has began on the replacement of the structural beams.Jamestown Progress

Jamestown Progress


American Honda Marine Training Center Richmond, VA

FCC is awarded the Construction of the New training facility for American Honda Marine. The facility will consist of Construction of a training center for marine technicians, offices and classrooms. The Richmond center will serve as a regional training center for marine technicians in order to keep up with their certifications with the rapid development marine outboard engine industry.


Four Seasons HOA Henrico, VA

FCC completes the Exterior Renovations and Painting Contract at Four Seasons Community in Henrico Virginia.

four seasons

Customer Feedback:

I just want you to know that First Class painters are, indeed, First Class!  In just a month and despite the excessive heat, your painting crews have done a wonderful job.  They performed professionally in every way:  friendly, did not waste time, checked behind themselves and re-checked to make sure no areas of any building was missed, and, of course, the actual painting looks great.  I have heard MANY compliments from residents about what a great job you all did and even a request that we have you do other work!  Yes, a real heat wave settled in for too long for me but your guys kept up the pace! They finished all 8 buildings Friday (except for a few doors which Jorge plans to do on Saturday).  I will do what I can to be sure some of doors’ owners will either be at home or arrange for someone to unlock the door for Jorge. They will be informed that if they are not at home, the doors will be painted while closed.


Julie, President

Four Seasons Condominiums Association

Good Neighbor Community Services, Richmond VA

7/28/2016  FCC is awarded the Construction Contract for Tenant Improvements to the property located at 7001 Jahnke Road in Richmond.  Construction consists of new interior space plan as well as exterior building renovations and site work. Project Completion is scheduled for mid September 2016.

8/5/2016 Selective Demolition is Complete.

good neighbor

Smith Aquatic Center Charlottesville, VA

FCC is awarded the contract for waterproofing and structural repairs at the Smith Aquatic Center in Charlottesville.

8/25/2016 – Project is progressing as per schedule. The Center will be open to the public by Mid September.



DMV CSR Lynchburg , VA

FCC is awarded the Site repairs and drainage improvements at the Lynchburg DMV. Construction consists of Drainage & Utility Relocation, Asphalt and Pavement Repairs.

8/1/2016  All utility work is completed. Site is ready for bases and pavements.