Our Foundations

Mission & Values

Our Mission

At First Class, our mission is to provide reliable building solutions to our customers while surpassing all expectations placed upon us.

Our Values


We stand behind our work through the moral and ethical principles of honesty and trust.


As our name indicates, we embrace a higher standard of excellence in order for our staff to deliver high quality results.


We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best meet their goals. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business. We want every client to feel that our staff has exhausted every possibility in delivering the most reliable building solutions.


We recognize the importance of sustainable construction practices for future generations. It is not only our mission, but our duty to leave a small footprint behind.


Through our team approach, we ensure that all partners are involved and informed on every project. The knowledge and experience that we share help us to deliver the best possible results.


Regardless of the project scope, size, or complexity, we are fully committed to the safety of all team members involved.

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  • Integrity

    We understand that both our clients and our employees expect only ethical behavior and compliance with all governing laws, rules and regulations that arise from involvement with our company. To reinforce this commitment to all, we have established and practice within a Corporate Ethics and Compliance Program that demands we maintain only the highest standards of conduct. When we look out for our client’s interests as well as the company’s, we ensure our continued success, which, in turn, ensures each employee’s ability to succeed independently and as part of a team.

    To assist all FCC employees in our day-to-day work, whether in the office or in the field, we have developed a handbook, and a hotline should anyone want to report a concern anonymously. We have a Corporate Compliance Officer charged with overseeing the program. These resources provide all who work here with the means and information needed to accomplish their work in an ethical and lawful manner and the contacts or resources they may need should they run up against something they may question.

    We believe that adherence to this policy will ensure our continued success as well as earn and maintain the confidence of our clients and the communities in which we live and work. The following mandates provide a look at the coverage of our policies on ethics and integrity:

    – All employees must comply with the policies set forth in the Company Integrity Manual. Any officer, director, or employee who violates this Code of Conduct may be subject to discipline, which may include demotion or dismissal.

    – All employees have a duty to report all suspected violations of the Company Integrity Manual or other potentially unethical behavior by anyone, including officers, directors, employees, agents, customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and prime contractors, to their supervisors or the Corporate Compliance Officer.

    – Employees in management positions are personally accountable for their own conduct and the conduct of those reporting to them. Each management employee is expected to inform those reporting to him or her about this Ethics and Compliance Program and to take all necessary steps to ensure compliance.

    No employee has the authority to direct, participate in, approve, or tolerate any violation of this program by anyone.

    Any employee who has questions about the application of this program should consult with his or her supervisor or the corporate compliance officer.

  • Quality

    We are committed to taking pride in our work and producing a quality product that meets or exceeds each owner’s expectations by constructing our work right the first time. If it can be measured, it can be improved upon; this is how our Quality Program is communicated to our project teams.

    Our Approach

    FCC takes a proactive approach in quality from the corporate level through the field personnel. Our individual project leaders, the project managers to the operations manager, ensure that from the outset quality is addressed in the company’s training programs, and that continual monitoring and maintenance of the quality program are performed at each project location. At each project, we develop a thorough, site-specific quality plan that strives to achieve a uniform and high quality level of workmanship throughout the phases of procurement, fabrication, construction, and final facility testing and delivery. Discussion about quality assurance and quality control is on the agenda at our daily, weekly and monthly meetings onsite and in the office.

    Our People

    We owe our success to the integrity and dedication of our people, their professionalism and attention to safety and quality. FCC is comprised of a staff of more than 90 professionals who team with a highly-trained group of construction professionals. From construction tradesmen to project estimators, our staff possesses the expertise and commitment to complete every job at the highest level of quality. Our staff takes pride in working together to complete complex projects through innovative practices.

  • Commitment

    Our goal is to satisfy our client’s needs by providing the highest quality products and services, by employing a dedicated team of the most talented, qualified professionals in our industry, whose hard work will prevail in every project they accomplish for our clients. We are committed to excellence for customers, our staff, our vendor partners, and our environment.

    When employing FCC as an integral part of the construction team, each and every client not only gets results, they get full commitment. They can focus on the end result, knowing that we’ll take care of the details that add up to a quality construction job. The project manager and superintendents for the job will meet with the client and construction team at the start of the project, and any time thereafter, because they are 100% committed to the project. They will set up a realistic schedule, and work to ensure that all parties adhere to it. They will be available to troubleshoot in the event that problems arise, and together with the architect and/or engineer, if necessary, they will analyze the situation and provide solutions that will keep the job on schedule and budget.

    A company can’t do business for decades in the construction industry without commitment-to quality, to service, and to values. We know that a client will remain a client only as long as they are satisfied with our performance. At FCC, we believe that future success is only assured through commitment to excellence in the present.

  • Sustainability

    FCC isn’t just about building. We set out to improve the world we all live in, both through the projects we undertake and the way we approach them. We view compliance with agency and owner requirements as a minimum standard. Our corporate culture embraces a strong commitment to the environment. Our employees are essential to our efforts. Their leadership and approach to our work facilitates meeting our commitments and fulfilling our company vision.

    Our corporate commitment to the environment includes:

    Meeting or exceeding the requirements of applicable environmental laws, regulations, local rules, and project-specific environmental mitigation measures.

    Executing each project in a manner that minimizes environmental impacts and incorporates Best Management Practices (BMPs) for each environmental concern.

    Continually improving the way we manage our environmental responsibilities and addressing these responsibilities with the same level of importance as safety and quality.

    Implementing our Corporate Sustainability Initiative, including reducing greenhouse gas; reducing our carbon footprint at each project; diverting waste from landfills whenever possible; and reducing our resource consumption.

    Our Sustainability Actions Home Office

    At the home office, we focus on waste management and energy consumption. We perform the following sustainability actions at our home office in Bozeman, Montana.

    Recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic in conference rooms, copy center locations, the lunchroom and personal offices.

    Print documentation on Forest Stewardship Council-Certified, responsibly sourced paper.

    Track energy and water consumption.

    Use green building methods, such as office lights that have automatic shut-off features, recently upgraded lighting ballasts, and individual thermostats in offices and conference rooms.

    Project Sites

    At our project sites, our environmental sustainability efforts focus on waste management, air pollution minimization and reducing energy consumption. The following are the minimum efforts undertaken at our project sites.

    Recycle office wastes, such as paper, plastic, aluminum and cardboard, as well as waste oil and construction debris.

    Divert wastes from landfill to reuse/recycle applications.

    Minimize dust pollution with diligent fugitive dust controls.

    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing the following measures:

    – A company-wide idling policy

    – GPS-assisted equipment where applicable

    – Using highest Tier equipment available

    – Doing business with local subcontractors and suppliers

    – Carpool/bussing on-site

  • Collaboration

    We at FCC take pride in Accelerating Team Building. Construction projects can involve thousands of participants. Often, they’re spread out across multiple locations and use a wide range of task-specific methods for delivery, making managing information extremely difficult.

    Plus, in construction, ‘team’ issues are critical, especially when considering the dependencies among the fragmented disciplines on a project as well as the fact that ‘work-in-progress’ information is constantly changing.

    FCC’s collaboration methods allow construction teams to leverage the best available resources quickly, regardless of geography or team size, and enable integrated projects that benefit from:

    Cooperation – Distributed project teams can quickly interact with appropriately controlled and managed content.

    Continuity – Project participants are always on the same page, using the right information.

    Context – Revisions and comments are synchronized in an iterative manner so that it’s more actionable and without the chaos associated with unstructured feedback.

  • Safety

    hard hat over plansAt FCC, we put Safety first. From the CEO to employees at every job site, safety awareness is an integral component in any endeavor we undertake. At FCC, staff members and vendor partners share a willingness to uphold high safety standards, which helps us provide the safest and healthiest work environment possible.

    FCC Safety Objectives include:

    – Promoting the safety and well-being of each employee and his/her family.

    – Eliminating personal injury based on the belief that “injury-free” projects can and should occur.

    – Encouraging recommendations for improvements to safety throughout the company and each project.

    – Establishing individual responsibility for the safety program on each project that reaches all levels, including the workforce.

    Our project managers and superintendents are the leaders of our safety team. They are responsible for accident prevention and reduction of on-the-job injuries. We believe that success in accident reduction lies in planning ahead.

    Key Elements of our Safety Program include:

    – Involvement of crew.

    – Belief that a safe job is a productive job.

    – Company safety and health manual.

    – Drug and alcohol testing program.

    – Safety recognition program (Project Superintendent, Field Superintendent, and Foreman levels).

    – Supervisor, foreman, and employee training programs (First Aid, CPR, Competent Person, OSHA 10-Hour, Specialty Equipment, etc.).

    – New-employee orientation and training.

    – Accident and injury reporting system with follow-up corrective measures.

    – Job site Hazard Analysis (JHA) for all major work phases.

    – Site-specific Safety, Health, Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

    Reinforcement of Safety:

    – Frequent safety evaluations of jobs by our Management Team members.

    – Documented, weekly tool-box safety meetings.

    – Daily pre-work safety meetings to cover the work tasks, associated hazards, work procedures, equipment, and required PPE.

    – Safety training provided applicable to the project scope of work.

    – Safety Violation/Misconduct Enforcement Program.

    – Insurance company loss control specialists visit the job site and make recommendations where warranted.

    – Extensive use of OSHA Consulting Services to strengthen project safety and health programs.


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