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In God We Trust

In God We Trust

Our Philosophy

First Class Contracting is a Merit Shop, contracting company under the principles of free enterprise in a healthy, competitive climate where skill, dedication and determination ensure successful results. Our Merit Shop Philosophy eliminates delays caused by jurisdictional or compensation obstacles, ensuring our clients pay fair market price regardless of where we perform.

General Contracting

Our company serves as a project manager and general contractor, employing a large number of skilled craftsmen. We believe that collaboration is important, and we make sure to maintain a successful partnership with the design team, owners, and any other parties involved in an assignment. We place emphasis on developing programmatic solutions that extend beyond a single project. Our staff of construction professionals can provide great efficiencies, construction and design fee savings, quality control and scheduling, and fiduciary responsibilities for the owner.


Construction Management (Agency)

We use a partnering approach to help public owners select experienced, qualified firms with proven performance records for the design and construction team. At the project’s inception, our construction management team works to quickly identify and resolve potential project challenges. We provide construction management services in two phases: pre-construction and construction. Meaningful pre-construction services bring value, potential cost savings, and informed decision-making to the client, while our construction management team works hard to eliminate surprises during the construction phase in order to provide the owner with a predictable and value-minded outcome.


During the design-build process, we will solicit competitive bids from qualified vendors and will ensure that the client is getting the most value for dollar spent. Although cost is an ultimate goal to manage, design-build affords the project the flexibility for value engineering as well as rapid completion which often allows for greater cost savings in the end. Utilizing design-build provides single-source responsibility and the potential for rapid completion. Integrated design, construction planning and an accelerated schedule are hallmarks of this approach. We foster open communication and teamwork that is a necessary condition for successful design-build.

Value-Engineering Services

In our effort to becoming a more efficient, innovative company, we have leveraged our talent and utilized emerging technologies to create value-added services that foster collaboration and enable us to build better. We seek to bring unique, additional value to our clients through these services and programs.

Cost Plus Basis

This method of delivery is set aside for service agreements by our service department. A very efficient way for government agencies as well as property management firms to secure our services on an hourly basis for smaller projects and maintenance repairs.


10631 Alexandria Union Station Alexandria, VA

9/4/2019 – FCC is awarded the Project for Alexandria Union Station. The scope of work consists of Structural Concrete Repairs to the Building envelope. 11/5/2019 – All of Shoring and Demolition is complete.  

City of Richmond Parking Garage Structural Repairs Richmond, VA

March 5, 2019 FCC is awarded the  project  to perform structural repairs of parking garages at four, (4), different parking facilities.  The work will entail but not be limited to architectural  systems comprising of ornamental metals and safety barrier systems constructed of structural metal members, metal railings finishes, coping and cap stone removal and  realignment,…

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